Care Moore

Someone once told me I was very public spirited.

I add all comments unless they are abusive. My blogs are mostly written in the hope of beginning a conversation so all opinions and experiences are valid.

2 Responses to Care Moore

  1. Suzette Davenport says:


    thank you for taking the time to blog on this subject and bring some realism and fact. You are right re the annual leave days being mixed with BH/ rest days. Ref the picture of me, I wasn’t on holiday. I was taking part in a charity event (Strictly Northampton) to raise money for the local hospital’s cancer wing. To do so I trained every Sunday for two months (so only had one day a week back at home for that period, I am not complaining – it was my choice). It was a spray tan as it was November and we raised over £38k. It was a fabulous experience. The pic was from an old personal account that I closed.

    • catemoore says:

      I appreciate you taking the time to respond to this blog. I purposefully didn’t send it to any of the people featured as I didn’t want anyone to feel in a position of justification. That said, I’m very pleased to provide a place for that explanation to sit. You never know, maybe a journalist with an investigative brief might even find this one day.

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